Another limestone that belongs to the category of building stone is the Travertine rock, the Travertine in French, called TRAVERTINE, left over from sea sediments, rivers, hot springs or minerals and caves. The specific weight of travertine is 2500 kilogram per cub meter. The stone has pores   and  is softer than marbles in terms of hardness.travertine stone is resistant to climate change, rain and snow and  are  white, cream, and chocolate, red, walnut, yellow, lemon, silver and chocolate in nature. There are no restrictions on the use of travertine. It can be used in both interior of the building and exterior. Travertine stone veined in such a way that can be cut and processed undulating and undulating forms.
Recently the use of travertine in buildings has been very common.  In America and European countries travertine is used in flooring as well.

Since it has a soft structure, it would be a good choice for those who looking for stones with 1 or 1.5 thickness. The clear blocks of minded travertine have different colored heads; therefore, they are classified in different colors. The color of travertine is the most important factor   which influences the price of travertine in Iran’s markets. The closer to the bright colors the more expensive it will be. The most important of travertine mines in Iran including Haji Abad Travertine, Bugari Valley Travertine, Azarshahr Travertine, Silver Kashan Travertine, Aga Mohammadi Chocolate Travertine and Abyaneh Travertine. Iran exported travertine are Silver Travertine, Azarshahr Red Travertine, Limousine Travertine, Valley Heater Travertine.