Granite stone is a type of intrusive igneous rock containing medium to large grains (minerals). It includes quartz, feldspar, mica and other minerals. The color of granite depends on its mineral and rock chemistry. It is pink, gray,  and black in nature. Granite stone is composed   of cooling down of   molten mass called magma. The specific weight of granite is about 2756 kilogram per cube meter and it is one of the robust and most resistant rocks in the world. The granite stone is more resistant than limestone and has a greater stability. For reason of stability,  it is mostly used in crowed places like street paving, office and commercial buildings as well as subway is worth noticing that the use of granite for interior places like kitchen counter, stairs, and even unit paving is acceptable.

Although granite can be used in building facades, you should not ignore the rock scope. Granite are mostly minded and bought in middle Asia countries like India, China, and Vietnam. It is worth mentioning that Brazil also actively   supplies specific and beautiful granites to the markets and the most beautiful granites belong to that country. The most well-known granites include Norway blue granite, cosmic black granite, galaxy granite, gold magma granite, delicatus granite. Iran has also various granites mines. The most popular of them are Mashhad pearl granite, Birjand lettuce green granites, Birjand jungle green granites, Khorramdarreh granites, turquoise granites and Hamedan Golpanbehe granites. The price of Iran’s granite and other granites depends on different parameters that thickness, size and type of processing are the most important ones.