The joy a genius gets of beauty and the consolation he finds in art and his passion for art and artist, eliminate his great grief. It is a reward for suffering loneliness and gaining clairvoyance. The glory and magnificence of Iranian art is known to everyone. In addition Iranian artists from different races have represented great achievements in different fields of art such as inscriptions, highlights, and embroidery which make everyone to ponder. The artist gets dignity through illustration of natural wonders as well as creation of art and grants it to the others and uses art as a way to express his thoughts. When art joins constructively and responsibility creates a way of clear thinking.
Since metal is persistent and has a hard nature, it has preserved many historical motifs and monuments and entrusted them to us. Each is like a book expressing culture and art of its age. Engraving and metal working are glorification of thoughts and emotions of humankind. Generally, two different groups of artists get involved in creation of engraving such as a pottery, plate, bowl, tray and so forth. The first group is called maker. He is a person who uses scissors, hammer and other simple tools in order to change the raw sheet of copper, brass and silver into metal dishes .The second group is called engraver. He is a person who craves the motifs on the primary metal dishes using simple tools such as hammer and stylus. Engraving has different styles such as graffiti, highlighting, photo, embossing, lattice and so forth.
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